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Ceramiche MirisciottiAll the ceramic materials are made up of clayey substances that have the property to form with water a plastic material, that is dried and then cooked, keeping the forms of the lathe , with the mould or with hand work.
The cooking happens in particular oven, that reach high temperature, about 1000° C for 10-12 hours. The objects are introduced inside in order to form a “load” : they have to be overlap or they are arranged on plans of refractory material.
The other process is the glazing for immersion, sprinkling or spray.
The clayey product absorbs the water that is in excess, leaving a superficial dusty layer that, when it’s completely dry, could be painted.
The painting is realized in free hand or using the technique of “dust”, the coloured pigments are diluted and applied to brush in liquid form, so the object processed like this is ready for the second cooking that is necessary to blend the glaze and the coloured pigments.

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