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ART. 001 A collector’s dish (limited circulation), with layer diameter of cm. 50, representing Bernini’s “The abduction of Proserpina” , decoration from Palermo of XVI century, on glossy glaze.
Price: € 2.900,00 + shipping costs

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ART. 002 A collector’s jar cm. 40, “Portrait of an old man”, decoration from Palermo of middle XVI century, on satin craquelé glaze
Price € 1.600,00 + shipping costs

  Clicca per ingrandire ART. 003 A collector’s dish ( limited circulation) , with layer diameter of cm. 50. “Dragon of Saint George”, decoration from Faenza of XVI century, on satin craquelé glaze
Price € 2.700,00 + shipping costs
  art.004 ART. 004 A collector’s flask with twelve handles, representing on recto Enna of the end of XVII century and on verso king Giovanni in Castrogiovanni city, from a manuscript of father Giovanni of Cappuccini , cm. 30, on satin craquelé ancient glaze .
Price € 900,00 + shipping costs
  art.005 ART. 005 A collector’s jug, cm. 30 and inspired to the production of the factory of Baron Malvica of Palermo, XIX century style. It’s painted with lucid glaze
Price € 1.900,00 + shipping costs
  art.006 ART. 006 A collector’s cup, with snake handles cm. 30 and with grotesques inspired to majolica Urbinate of the Renaissance period on lucid glaze
Price € 2.600,00 + shipping costs

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